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Suffolk County (NY) Police Issue Sherlockian Challenge Coin

Suffolk County (NY) Police Issue Sherlockian Challenge Coin

“You wouldn’t squeal on a fellow?”

– The Valley of Fear (VALL)

In 2018, the Detective Bureaus of the Suffolk County Police Department issued a challenge coin prominently featuring Sherlock Holmes. Suffolk County is located in the middle of Long Island, New York.

OBVERSE: (5 stars) THE ART OF THE SQUEAL (5 stars) / (right facing Sherlock Holmes in inverness cape and deerstalker, holding a pipe and magnifying glass) / GENERAL SERVICES

REVERSE: (star) SUFFOLK COUNTY POLICE DEPARTMENT (star) / 1st 2nd 3rd 4th / (Suffolk County Police Department detective shield) The / Squad / 5th 6th 7th / (2 stars) PRECINCT DETECTIVE BUREAU (2 stars)

51mm, Round, Enamel


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