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Largo (FL) Police Issue Sherlockian Challenge Coin

Largo (FL) Police Issue Sherlockian Challenge Coin

“… gentlemen of the police force …”

– The Adventure of the Lion’s Mane (LION)


In 2017, the Police Department of Largo, Florida issued a series of challenge coins for its various departments and divisions. The challenge coin issued for the Investigative Services Division features the likeness of Sherlock Holmes.

OBVERSE: (star) LARGO POLICE DEPARTMENT (star) / (Largo Police Detective Badge) / (star) DETECTIVE (star)

REVERSE: (star) INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES (star) / (silhouette of Holmes, with pipe & deerstalker cap, facing right, superimposed upon an image of a fingerprint) / (star) DIVISION (star)

44mm, Round, Epoxied coated enamel with a antique bronze finish

This challenge coin can be found for sale on various online auction services or on the website of Challenge Coin USA, which manufactured this challenge coin.

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