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From Watson’s Tin Box: The Speckled Band

From Watson’s Tin Box: The Speckled Band

“Somewhere in the vaults of the bank of Cox and Co., at Charing Cross, there is a travel-worn and battered tin dispatch-box with my name, John H. Watson, MD, Late Indian Army, painted upon the lid.”

The Problem of Thor Bridge (THOR)

Back in July 2015, when we discussed The Speckled Band, Watson’s Tin Box was not yet sharing their evidence boxes with us. Since we are not discussing any story this month, we’ll use this opportunity to catch on past stories we have missed.

“‘I started from home before six, reached Leatherhead at twenty past, and came in by the first train to Waterloo.” ~ WTB SPEC Evidence Box

Watson’s Tin Box, a BSI scion that meets in Columbia, Maryland, shares a few select items from their tin evidence box for The Speckled Band, with us here at The Fourth Garrideb. These evidence boxes were originally created by the late Paul Churchill, BSI, one of the founders of Watson’s Tin Box and contains both genuine artifacts and genuine faux reproductions that he (and others) created. These items create a great deal of discussion at their monthly meetings and we hope it will do the same here. Enjoy!

“‘Farintosh,’ said he. ‘Ah, yes, I recall the case; it was concerned with an opal tiara.” ~ WTB SPEC Evidence Box
“… for my sister was troubled by the smell of the strong Indian cigars which it was his custom to smoke.” ~ WTB SPEC Evidence Box
“… I shall walk down to Doctors’ Commons, where I hope to get some data which may help us in this matter.'” ~ WTB SPEC Evidence Box
“He held in his hand a sheet of blue paper, scrawled over with notes and figures.” ~ WTB SPEC Evidence Box

“I should be very much obliged if you would slip your revolver into your pocket. An Eley’s No. 2 is an excellent argument with gentlemen who can twist steel pokers into knots.” – WTB SPEC Evidence Box
“That and a tooth-brush are, I think, all that we need.'” ~ WTB SPEC Evidence Box
“The object which had caught his eye was a small dog lash hung on one corner of the bed. The lash, however, was curled upon itself, and tied so as to make a loop of whipcord.” ~ WTB SPEC Evidence Box
“Sherlock Holmes and I had no difficulty in engaging a bedroom and sitting-room at the Crown Inn.” ~ WTB SPEC Evidence Box
“Someone in the next room had lit a dark lantern.” ~ WTB SPEC Evidence Box
“Beside this table, on the wooden chair, sat Dr. Grimesby Roylott, clad in a long grey dressing-gown, his bare ankles protruding beneath, and his feet thrust into red heelless Turkish slippers.” ~ WTB SPEC Evidence Box
“‘It is a swamp adder!’ cried Holmes-‘ the deadliest snake in India.” ~ WTB SPEC Evidence Box
“… how the slow process of official inquiry came to the conclusion that the Doctor met his fate while indiscreetly playing with a dangerous pet.” ~ WTB SPEC Evidence Box
“Then I thought of the whistle. Of course, he must recall the snake before the morning light revealed it to the victim. He had trained it, probably by the use of the milk which we saw, to return to him when summoned. ” ~ WTB SPEC Evidence Box

Thanks to the 42nd Garrideb, Denny Dobry, for the scans in this post. 

Thanks also to Debbie Clark, the 58th Garrideb, the current keeper of the evidence boxes.

Watson’s Tin Box, a BSI scion in Columbia, MD, is one of the most active Sherlockian groups in the Middle Atlantic region, Generally meeting on the last Monday of each month, the meetings feature canonical toasts, good conversations and dining, as well as a discussion of the month’s featured story and an educational presentation. For more information about Watson’s Tin Box, please visit their website HERE.

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  1. It appears to me that there is an error in addition to the “artifact”, above, that shows a total of 750-0-8. It should be 749 Pounds, 19 shillings and 8 pence?!!?