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Virtual 22.1 Mile Baker Street Bound Run Issuing Medal

Virtual 22.1 Mile Baker Street Bound Run Issuing Medal

“… running as hard as he could towards me.”

– A Scandal In Bohemia (SCAN)

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Geek’d Out Events is organizing a virtual 22.1 mile run called Baker Street Bound in March and everyone who completes the run receives the medal pictured above.  Registration is limited to 430 medals and as I write this, only 10 medals remain.  (UPDATE 2/8/2016: Organizers have upped the registration numbers to 630 medals) You can register HERE for $30, plus a processing fee.

Starting March 1, track your exercise (walking, cycling, treadmill, etc.) using an Smart phone app, such as Map Your Fitness, and connect to the run’s website. As your mileage is being recorded on the website, you will be taken around virtual London as you try to solve The Case of the Lunette Illumination.  Clues will be provided as the run progresses.

Once you have completed the 22.1 mile run, the medal will be sent to you. It’s a nifty looking design and I like how the door to 221b Baker Street is hinged and can be open to reveal the silhouette of Sherlock Holmes. The Organizers are expected to receive their shipment of medals in late March and will start shipping them to successful run participants shortly thereafter.

I’ve signed up to do the run and will post when I receive the medal with pictures and descriptions.

UPDATE 11/3/2016 – We’ve received the medal and you can read about it HERE.

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