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Mystery! Intro/Outro: The Copper Beeches

Mystery! Intro/Outro: The Copper Beeches

“… waving his fat hand as an introduction.”

– The Adventure of The Illustrious Client (ILLU)

Jeremy Brett’s portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in the 41 episodes of the Granada television series is for many the definitive portrayal of the great detective. For those that watched these stories on Public Broadcasting System’s Mystery!, there were introductions and post-show commentary by the show’s hosts, Vincent Price or Diana Rigg. I enjoyed these introductions when I watched the episodes originally and missed them when the mysteries became available as DVDs and VHS tapes. From time to time, we will share these introductions and post-show commentaries for our monthly story discussions.

Now, let’s watch the intro and outro to The Copper Beeches by Vincent Price.

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