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UK Issuing £100 Coin Featuring Buckingham Palace

UK Issuing £100 Coin Featuring Buckingham Palace

” … put your trousers on.”

– A Scandal in Belgravia

2015 Buckingham Palace L100

The British Royal Mint has announced the second of their two-ounce silver £100 coins being sold for face value.  The 2015 issue in the series features Buckingham Palace. While Buckingham Palace was never mentioned in any of the 60 stories from The Canon, it did feature prominently in A Scandal In Belgravia, from the second season of BBC’s Sherlock.

From the Royal Mint’s press release:

In 2015, we carry on the tradition of celebrating architectural icons with a special place in British life. This £100 silver coin for £100 captures the timeless majesty of Buckingham Palace, its symbolism and standing. More than a monument, it’s a family home and the nation’s palace. Struck in two full ounces of 999 fine silver, this impressive coin is the perfect choice to continue the series – add it to your collection or give to someone special as a thoughtful good luck gift.

Over time, Buckingham Palace has been extensively remodelled and transformed. Steeped in history and grandeur it may be, but behind each new wing, arch and elegant facade, it’s still a family home. As royalty’s relationship with the British people has evolved, a new accessibility has taken root. In 1993, The Queen announced that the doors would open to the public for the very first time in its history – truly the nation’s palace.

This wonderful coin, containing two full ounces of fine silver, is a fitting tribute to a genuine global icon, celebrating the very essence of Britishness itself in the eyes of the tourists who flock to visit this magnificent architectural marvel. Each coin is beautifully presented complete with a fascinating history of the palace. This magnificent coin celebrates all things British and should take its place as the centrepiece of your coin collection, or will make a wonderful gift for any proud royalist or committed Anglophile.

George III bought Buckingham House in 1761 for his wife, Queen Charlotte, and work began the following year to remodel it. Later, George IV would transform the house into a palace. Architect John Nash set about realising the King’s ambitious plans, but spiralling costs eventually cost him his job and George never moved in.

Queen Victoria became the first sovereign to take up residence in 1837. However, when she married Prince Albert three years later, the shortcomings of her new home were highlighted. The Marble Arch was moved and nurseries and guest bedrooms were added. Work continued and the palace was finally finished just before the outbreak of The First World War in 1914.

It is only fitting that Glyn Davies and Laura Clancy’s original portrayal of this iconic building has been chosen to adorn this extra special silver coin – only the second in the series. Add each new edition and watch your collection grow.

These coins can be ordered directly from the British Royal Mint by clicking here.

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