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Three Medals of The Speckled Band of Boston

Three Medals of The Speckled Band of Boston

“It is a nice household …”

– The Adventure of The Speckled Band (SPEC)

Speckled Band Obverses a

Speckled Band Reverses aPhotos by Richard Olken

The Speckled Band of Boston, one of the oldest scions of the Baker Street Irregulars, issued medals at each of their annual meetings in April 2009, 2010 and 2011. Stadri Emblems made the three medals for the SBB, and all three medals could be considered challenge coins due to their appearance and composition.

The 2009 medal honored the 150th anniversary of Arthur Conan Doyle’s birthday.

acd@150 medalOBVERSE: The Speckled Band / (image of a Indian Swamp Adder) / 2009 / of Boston

REVERSE: SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE (upper torso of a sitting Arthur Conan Doyle, with head three quarters to the left) / 1859 – 2009

Round, 38mm, Enamel

FDS SH sketch

The 2010 medal celebrates the 70th anniversary of the Speckled Band of Boston using a drawing of Holmes by noted illustrator Frederic Dorr Steele.

OBVERSE: The Speckled Band / (image of a Indian Swamp Adder) / 2010 / of Boston

REVERSE: IT IS A NICE HOUSEHOLD / (Profile of Sherlock Holmes, facing left) / 1940 – 2010

Round, 38mm, Enamel

The 2010 medal features the Jubilee Head of Queen Victoria that was used on British coinage from 1887 – 1892. The British silver crown is slightly larger (by 1 mm) than this medal. However, no crowns were struck with the Jubilee Head and the wording used on the medal. Only the shilling would match up with the portrait and the legend on the obverse.

Victoria Jubilee Shilling  OBV
Jubilee Shilling Obverse

OBVERSE: The Speckled Band / (image of a Indian Swamp Adder) / 2011 / of Boston

REVERSE: VICTORIA DEI GRATIA BRITT: REGINA F: D: / (Jubilee Head portrait of Queen Victoria, facing left)

Round, 38mm, Enamel

Many thanks to Richard Olken, the Poker of the Speckled Band of Boston for the information he provided for this post.

Thanks also to John Baesch, the 25th Garrideb, for bringing these medals to my attention.

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