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Investitures Listing

Members of The Fourth Garrideb are assigned Investiture Names based on characters, stories or references found in the 60 adventures of the Canon. Syracusan Members “of the Best Period” and Charter Members “of the Alexandrian School” were allowed to choose their Investiture Names. The charter membership period closed on February 9, 2015, the six month anniversary of the founding of TFG. Members joining The Fourth Garrideb after the charter membership period will be considered “the best of a bad lot” and will have their Investiture Names chosen by our Mycroft, who is willing to listen to suggestions…….

This listing is alphabetical, based on the first letter of the Investiture Name.  Some of these will start with “the” or “a”, so scan this listing carefully.  After the member’s actual name, will be the four letter abbreviation of the story that the Investiture Name is referencing.  If a character appears in more than one story, this abbreviation will be the first story published featuring the character. A listing of the story abbreviations can be found here.

Investiture Name – Member Name  (Story)

A Faithful Scotchwoman – Karen A. Wilson (YELL)

A Private School at Walsall – Lynn E. Walker (COPP)

A Regal and Stately Lady in Court Dress – Cynthia K. Brown (CHAS)

A Shilling Map Of London – Roger Johnson (SIXN)

A Single Large Airy Sitting-Room, Cheerfully Furnished – Denny Dobry (STUD)

A Wandering American – Julie McKuras (3GAR)

Alfred Pettibone – Walter A. Ostromecki, Jr. (Sherlock Holmes in Washington)

Annie Harrison – Deborah P. Clark (NAVA)

Athelney Jones – Peter Mosiondz, Jr. (SIGN)

Bank of England – Greg D. Ruby (3GAR)

Baron Adelbert Gruner – Steve Roach (ILLU)

Barrymore – Mark D. Anderson (HOUN)

Beacons of the Future – Rob Nunn (NAVA)

Birdy Edwards – Phillip G. Bergem (VALL)

Black Peter – Peter E. Blau (BLAC)

Brunton – Christopher Benedetto (MUSG)

Canadian Pacific Railway – Dr. George A. Vanderburgh (BLAC)

Captain Jack Croker – Gene Anderson (ABBE)

Cardinal Tosca – George S. Cuhaj (BLAC)

Colonel Sebastian Moran – Albert Raddi (EMPT)

Cyanea Capillata – Jacquelynn Morris (LION)

Dr. Ainstree  – Dr. Robert S. Katz (DYIN)

Dr. Hill Barton – Richard J. Sveum, M.D. (ILLU)

Dr. Leslie Armstrong – Leslie Rosenbaum (MISS)

Effie Hebron – Sharon McClaskey (YELL)

Effie Munro – Lyn Adams (YELL)

Fitzroy – David E. Simpson (SILV)

Franco – Midland Hardware Company, Ltd. – David DePasse (STOC)

Godfrey Norton – Glenn M. Sermersheim (SCAN)

Grey Archways and Mullioned Windows and All The Venerable Wreckage Of A Feudal Keep – Alexian A. Gregory (MUSG)

Helen Stoner – Sarah Ann Robertson * (SPEC)

Hugh Boone – Charles Prepolec (TWIS)

I Am Lost Without My Boswell – David Harnois (SCAN)

I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere – W. Scott Monty, II (GREE)

I Play The Game For The Game’s Own Sake – Tim Kline (BRUC)

Inspector Baynes – Jeff Rock (WIST)

Inspector Bradstreet – John C. Craig (TWIS)

Inspector Lestrade – Walter P. Pieper (STUD)

Inspector Martin – Mark Trout (DANC)

Inspector White Mason – Stephen Mason (VALL)

Irene Adler – Sheila B. Sermersheim (SCAN)

James Mortimer – James M. McArthur (HOUN)

James Phillimore – Brad Keefauver (THOR)

John Hector McFarlane – Richard Krisciunas (NORW)

John Turner, Who Made His Money In Australia – Darren Burgess (THOR)

Jonas Oldacre – Heber B. Dodson, III (NORW)

Lady Frances Carfax – Brett Beal (LADY)

Lady Mary Brackenstall – Ashley D. Polasek (ABBE)

Langdale Pike – Bill Barnes (3GAB)

Lomax – Beth Gallego (ILLU)

Lord Bellinger – Jeffrey A. Johnson (SECO)

Lord Robert Walsingham de Vere St. Simon – Dennis E. Dorsch * (NOBL)

Lord Saltire – Michael J. Quigley (PRIO)

Merridew of Abominable Memory – Frank Mentzel (EMPT)

Mr. Cornelius – Jeffrey Katz (NORW)

Mr. Fairdale Hobbs – Donald J. Hobbs (REDC)

Mrs. Henry Baker – Mary Miller (BLUE)

Mrs. Hudson – Shannon Carlisle (SIGN)

Murphy – Byron Sondergard (HOUN)

Nathan Garrideb – Edward C. Rochette * (3GAR)

Neville St. Clair – Gregory L. Zentz (TWIS)

Old Frankland the CrankLarry Gaye (HOUN)

Others Perhaps Less Excusable – James C. O’Leary (CREE)

Paddington – John F. Baesch (SILV)

Pall Mall – David L. Leal (BRUC)

Pompey – Richard Schaefer (MISS)

Professor Moriarty – Todd R. Sciore (FINA)

Reginald Musgrave – Scott E. Douglas (MUSG)

Rodger Baskerville – Roger F. Kilshaw (HOUN)

Roland Carstairs – Arthur W. Garringer (Terror By Night)

S.S. Sea Unicorn – Robert Perret (BLAC)

Savage Ally – Ray Riethmeier (HOUN)

Seventeen Steps – William A. Walsh (SCAN)

Shinwell Johnson – Ross E. Davies (ILLU)

Sir Henry Baskerville – Francis Smith (HOUN)

The Bad Florin – J. Michael Nash (CROO)

The British Museum – Douglas A. Mudd  (MUSG)

The Church of St. Monica – Monica M. Schmidt (SCAN)

The Coiner (by the zinc and copper filings in the seam of his cuff) – Robert F. Fritsch (SHOS)

The Dog That Did Nothing – David Koern (SILV)

The King of Proosia – Mike McSwiggin (BLUE)

The Lawyer Whose Name Was Given in the Paper – Ira Brad Matetsky (SOLI)

The Lion’s Mane – Fabio Lacerda (LION)

The Long Island Cave Mystery – Harrison Hunt (REDC)

The Lord High Constable – William Pavey Meskan

The Mysterious Scientist – Robert J. Stek (CREE)

The Woman at Margate – Dorothy Marie Nash (SECO)

The Very Worst Tenant in London – John Holliday (DYIN)

Thorneycroft Huxtable – Burt Wolder (PRIO)

Tobias Gregson – Joseph A. Esposito (STUD)

Tottenham Court Strad – Alan Luedeking (CARD)

Violet Hunter – Barbara J. Gregory (COPP)

Wagner Night At Covent Garden – Christopher D. Music (REDC)

Waterloo Station – Sherlock Holmes Society of Austin, Texas * (FIVE)

Wiggins – Bruce H. Smith (STUD)

(*) – Passed Beyond the Reichebach, “deceased”