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More about the 1973 BSI Dinner

More about the 1973 BSI Dinner

“I was invited to a week-end gathering …”

– His Last Bow (LAST)


Rafael Sevilla SacasaWe’ve had a few posts here in the past that involved the 1973 Dinner of the Baker Street Irregulars that took place on January 5 of that year at New York’s Regency Hotel. This was the dinner where the “Silver Sherlock Holmes Medal” was awarded in abstentia to Rafael Sevilla Sacasa for Nicarauga’s issuance of a Sherlock Holmes stamp as part of their INTERPOL series. You can read about that HERE.

Nicaragua SH StampThe intrepid 13th Garrideb, Peter E. Blau, wrote your editor after that post: “Your query about the medal set me wondering whether he still was alive…. no.”  Blau was successful in tracking down a picture of Sacasa, above right, however.

This was also the meeting where BSI Commissionaire, Dr. Julian Wolff, was presented with his Gold Sovereign Award, which we discussed HERE.


1973 BSI Dinner Program

Thanks to Andrew Solberg, Chair of the BSI Trust, for allowing us to reprint the Program and the group photo from the 1973 BSI Dinner.

July HolmeWork Assignment: A Nicaraguan Stamp and the Sherlock Holmes Medal

July HolmeWork Assignment: A Nicaraguan Stamp and the Sherlock Holmes Medal

             On November 13, 1972, the country of Nicaragua issued 12 different stamps featuring the most famous fictional detectives. This series of stamps was issued to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Interpol, the International Police Organization. The highest value stamp, 2 Cordobas (C$2), featured Sherlock Holmes. For those that collect stamps,… Continue Reading