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Christopher Lee Reads The Three Garridebs

Christopher Lee Reads The Three Garridebs

“You would have made an actor, and a rare one.”

– The Sign of the Four (SIGN)

We like to celebrate all things related to the story from which our group takes its name. We are pleased to share this reading of The Three Garridebs by Sir Christopher Lee.

Lee has a rich history with Sherlock Holmes, which we discussed in an earlier post.

Several readings of other stories from the Canon, by Lee, can be found HERE.

Faces of Holmes: Christopher Lee

Faces of Holmes: Christopher Lee

“The stage lost a fine actor…” – A Scandal In Bohemia (SCAN) Sir Christopher Lee died, earlier this week, at the age of 93. Lee would be involved in 5 Holmesian films, playing 3 different characters. In the 1959 film, Hound of the Baskervilles, Lee would play Sir Henry Baskerville. Three years later, Lee would play… Continue Reading