JOURNAL – “The Newspapers” by the Sherlockians of Baltimore


The Newspapers – Volume 1, 2017

An irregular journal of Sherlockiana, issued by the Sherlockians of Baltimore. 120 pages, softcover

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The Newspapers, Volume 1 – 2017, was issued on July 22, 2017 by the Sherlockians of Baltimore (this group was founded by the same person who formed The Fourth Garrideb). Featuring 120 pages of toasts, pastiches, limericks, cartoons and articles around the world of Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Conan Doyle.

Articles include:

The Name and Masthead of This Journal
Quick, The Needle!  by Richard Q. “Moco” Yardley
Sonnet for A “Six Napoleons” Dinner by James T. Hyslop
“The Old Tin Box” by Jay Finley Christ
A Toast to The Adventure of the Illustrious Client by Gary L. Miller
Lighthouses! Beacons of the Future by S. Brent Morris
“Third Pillar from the Left” by Karen Wilson
Those Five Toasts at Our First Mob
Sherlock the Charlatan by William Hyder
Irene Adler as The Hon by S. Brent Morris
Christopher Morley, Baltimore and Baker Street Irregularity by Jon Lellenberg
Each June I Make a Promise Sober by Ogden Nash
Basil Rathbone Can’t Catch a Break by Greg D. Ruby
Tales from Dartmoor by Jeff Decker
A Toast to Sherlock Holmes by Rachael Lea Leventhal
Sherlock Holmes and the Massacre at Bowling Green by Karen Chee and Broti Gupta
She’s Always THE Woman by Michael J. Quigley
Sherlock Holmes and Homeland Security by Dr. Daniel J. Benny
Sherlock Holmes on Maryland’s Eastern Shore by Debbie Clark
Holmes’ Wedding Gift byJames C. O’Leary
Doctor Watson for the Win! by Patricia Villacrusis
Work Was His Middle Name by John F. Baesch
The Adventure of the Missing Heiress by Mary Stojak
The Athletic Arthur Conan Doyle by Christopher T. George
Investitures of Certified SOB’s – May 2016 to April 2017
Listing of the Original SOB’s – May 9, 2016


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